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Pioneering the M&A Evolution.

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The M&A Maze

Currently, getting a deal done requires a buyer, a seller, and their advisors to navigate to the other side of a dark and twisted maze. This maze is so complex and confusing, that only 1 in 5 attempts make it to the other side and close. 

Market Challenge

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There’s about 5 trillion dollars every year spent on mergers and acquisitions, yet still 4 in 5 deals die in the maze. Our goal is to increase the success rate by 20%, unlocking another trillion dollars to the global economy - and we need your help to do that. 

Unlocking Trillions

Economic Impact

Your Digital M&A Navigator


AMIVA’s Digital Platform: Introducing a comprehensive, user-friendly digital tool for all M&A stakeholders.

Enhanced Efficiency: Drastically reduces the time and complexity involved in M&A transactions. 

Innovative Features: Seamless deal creation & management, AI-powered search, and centralized communications enhance user experience.

Join Our Revolution.

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The AMIVA Transformation

Before & After

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Rebuilding the Maze 


AMIVA+ simplifies the process for navigating to a close, so that all stakeholders have a modern, digital infrastructure to seamlessly collaborate in. 

Ultimately, you will be able to find your favorite third party tools built in our foundation. Additionally, being trained on the most successful transactions, our smart AI assistant will be able to further maximize your chances of going to the other side to a close. 


the M&A Ecosystem



Dealmaking was a disjointed process, with different processes.

Document management was insecure and disorganized, with critical data spread across various locations.

Communication was decentralized, leading to a loss of information and inefficient collaboration.

​Task management was manual, leading to a lack of clarity on deal progress and responsibilities.

Feedback and updates were slow, causing delays in the deal-making cycle.

The AMIVA+ Dashboard gives users a comprehensive overview, integrating data and metrics from all stages of deal-making.

The Marketplace centralizes deal discovery and assessment, providing detailed information with robust filtering options.

The Dealmaking suite consolidates the entire transaction process:

All Engagements:

Offers a clear view of all deals, enabling better prioritization and management.

Current Engagement:

Focuses on the active deal, with structured oversight of intricate details.


Secure, digital data rooms centralize document storage, ensuring data integrity and easy retrieval.


Digital task management streamlines workflow and accountability.


An integrated messaging system replaces external communication tools, keeping all discussions in context.


Join Our Revolution.

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